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All you need to know about Mennonite furniture

Nos Natura Team

Posted on September 05 2017

what is Mennonites Furniture

Home is the most important asset in a person’s life and everyone wants their home to look the best. Most of the people will go an extra mile when it comes to decorating their house. They will buy unique products, furniture, and decoration pieces so that everyone will appreciate their sense of style.

Recently, the Mennonite furniture has grabbed the attention of the public. The unique looks and amazing shades of the furniture are making people want to know more about this amazing product. However, before we got on with the Mennonite solid wood furniture, we should know a little about where it came from.

From 1870 to 1880s a special group called Mennonite emerged from the different lands of Europe and moved to North America and other parts of the world for their own protection. During the migration, the only thing they could keep with them was a special desk that served as the truck.

There are many skilled carpenters and cabinet makers among the immigrants. For food and shelter they started to build furniture and sell it for money, as a result they got famous. They used their own unique styles to design the furniture that they learned from Europe.

What is Mennonite?

It would not be wrong to say that Mennonite furniture is the furniture prepared by Mennonites. In the beginning, the furniture was very large, constructed with pine or ash and was very sturdy. Paint, stain or inlaid veneer was used for the decoration of the furniture.

For a long time, the Mennonite furniture was the only source of income for the Mennonites the furniture was known for the peaceful and simple texture. The Mennonite solid wood furniture had the highest quality construction and they were had made.

In the beginning, the Mennonite furniture was so simple that all the pieces were non-decorative and unadorned. They believed that the furniture should be functional and not made to impress people.

Modern Mennonite Furniture

With the passage of time innovations were brought in the Mennonite furniture and the specialist started to create the furniture that would be pleasing to the eyes there are some many amazing designs and styles of Mennonite furniture available that if often becomes hard to select. Over the generations, many amazing styles have been introduced in the Mennonite furniture.

Most of the Mennonite furniture is based on the contemporary designs that are available in the market. the furniture makers want to assure that the Mennonite furniture will easily merge into the interior and still have its uniqueness. With the traditional quality and the same hand-made skills, they are preparing the furniture that looks extra ordinary. They have been using special tools that bring the real change to the Mennonite furniture.

As compared to the past most of the furniture, makers are using the modern tools and have a wide range of products available at their stores. Using the same simple traditional style, they have got the skills to add some modern twists to the design of the Mennonite solid wood furniture. The biggest attraction of Mennonite furniture is that it can easily merge with all types of interior and emerging from the country side now the furniture is used around the globe.

What makes Mennonite furniture special?

What makes the Mennonite furniture is its craftsmanship and the simplicity. Most of the modern styles of furniture do not have the traditions and quality that the Mennonite solid wood furniture possess. It has an attractive appeal. The major qualities of the furniture is that is old fashioned and it reminds one of how the Mennonites worked hard for a living. Quality of the furniture is more appealing as compared to the other features.

People who have limited space in their homes would instantly fall in love with the Mennonite furniture because it appears to be custom made. Even the larger wood sets will easily fit into the rooms. You can even have the Mennonite furniture designed by the specialist and it will not cost you extra. All you have to assure is that all the details have been perfectly placed and there are no errors in your design. It will add a personal touch to your Mennonite solid wood furniture.

Mennonite furniture is famous for the expert craftsmanship. Here we have some of the amazing qualities of the Mennonite furniture that you should know about.

  • Real and natural wood is used for the construction of furniture that is why its quality and looks have been unsurpassed. The texture, patterns, grains, and colors of natural wood make the furniture beautiful.
  • Furniture gets the strength and durability of the real wood that will last a lifetime.
  • Natural wood of the furniture makes it easy to clean and care for
  • The authentic décor created by the matchless qualities of natural wood in Mennonite furniture is amazing.
  • Mennonite furniture is beautiful and the handmade products are an investment that will last you a lifetime that you can pass down to your generations.

Type of Mennonite furniture

There are different functions and styles of Mennonite furniture with the remarkable historical roots the furniture has been used in different forms. However, the most famous type of the bedroom, living room furniture, tables and chairs that are traditionally prepared. Here we have the list of most famous types of Mennonite solid wood furniture available in the market.

  • Dowry chest K gist
  • Pull-out bed Bad, Loaga, Bocht
  • Corner cabinet Akjschaup
  • Cradle Waej
  • Resting bench Ruebenkj
  • Sleeping bench Schlopbenkj
  • Wardrobe Kjleedaschaup
  • Glass cabinet Glasschaup
  • Wall cabinet Miaschaup
  • Table Desch

Bottom line

If you are planning to buy quality Mennonite furniture, it is important that you select the best retailer. Beware of the fake retailers that will only sell fake products because they are not durable. You should compare the products, services, and rates of two of more retailers. Do not forget to check their reviews and online rating. Get the best deal and décor your home with Nos Natura solid wood furniture on Mennonite Furniture.  


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