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Understand and Define Art Nouveau Furniture Styles

Nos Natura Team

Posted on August 21 2017

Art Nouveau Wood Furniture Styles -nos natura Toronto Solid wood furniture

The term "Art Nouveau" originated from an art gallery in Paris, France by name "La Maison de l'Art Nouveau" where solid wood furniture with great designs and quality were showcased.  Siegfried Bing was the owner of La Maison de l'Art Nouveau which exhibited works of art created in the Art Nouveau furniture style. The style was named for Siegfried Bing's Maison de l'Art Nouveau gallery. Although a lot of names have evolved, Art Nouveau still remains the most widely used. In Germany for example, it is called Jugend.

The Art Nouveau furniture style is a movement that mostly seen in Europe and has extended across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States and other locations. In 1900 during the Paris World's, a wider audience by the movement and Art Nouveau adopted the modern use of technology by using materials like wrought iron and stained glass this was a major furniture trend, which was used extensively in sculpture and functional items. A classic tradition was observed too in the use of motifs from the natural world, such as flowers or insects. Furniture, jewelry, lighting, textiles, and posters were all part of the style.

No matter the various difference between various countries and artists within this furniture style, only a few things unified the movement. Those artists, in general, had an aim which was to stop the division between general lifestyle and art. The aim was to make art a common thing for the general public and everyday life. For example, the style was often found in Architecture where the aim was to make every detail of a building a раrt оf оnе grеаt аrtwоrk and thus quite literary joining it with mankind. Other everyday items were carefully rendered silverware, furniture, and jewelry.

Furniture created in the Art Nouveau furniture style was well-known from the late 19th century in which solid wood furniture was made out of mahogany and the techniques used to produce most Art Nouveau furniture were normal techniques, which led to tensions with Arts and Crafts movements in the UK, saying continental Art Nouveau furniture was not ``honestly`` constructed.

Belgium and France, in general, show the curvilinear approach ``in extremis``. For example, Loius Majorelle, Emile Gruber, Emile André are some of École de Nancy well-known designers that used Solid wood furniture from Mahogany with plants or animals furniture style design. However, some designers modest style approach. For example in Paris, where Siegfried Bing opened his new art gallery “L’Art Nouveau Bing” and he hired other talented artists to design for him. Three of his major furniture designers were Georges de Feure, Edward Colonna and Eugène Gaillard were the major designers as who often worked in lighter woods and/or had a more subtle curvilinear approach. This Furniture Trend has led to a change in the Furniture Style from the use of solid wood furniture to the use of oak and satin woods which are lighter.


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