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Nos Natura Art Furniture Promises

We Respect and Celebrate Sustainability and Fair Trade at Nos Natura

Nos Natura is proud and committed to Sustainability and Fair Trade with our products.  Our Live Edge Wood Furniture is handcrafted by artisans with sustainable resources. The solid woods sourced are not cut down, the trunk is left intact so that the tree is still alive. Woods are also sourced from fallen down or soon-to-be discarded pieces.  We also use reclaimed woods that are given a brand new meaningful life. We work with partners who also practice and believe in fair trade with local communities to promote employment for women, fair pay for workers and to create positive change. Our Live Edge Solid Wood Furniture are organic, high quality and will very durable. Our customers enjoy long lasting natural beauty of the Live Edge Solid Wood Furniture in their home, cottage, office or store. They are also directly supporting craftmanship to preserve traditional craft techniques.

Appreciate the Beauty of Live Edge Wood Furniture

Nos Natura’s Live Edge Wood Furniture is built from solid slabs cut from the trunk of majestic trees. Trees that are at least 30 meters tall. The entire slab is used, leaving the natural edge. Only the bark is removed, keeping the original lines of the trunk along its edges, portraying the wood in its very naturalistic and raw state. Each of the Live Edge Wood Slabs has their original, one-of-a-kind look with variations in knots, grains, cracks and colors. Each is a true piece of art. Mother Nature is the best designer one can find.  Be inspired by nature’s creativity and originality!

Live Edge Furniture can compliment any interior design style – Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist, Industrial, Mid-Century, Scandinavian, Traditional, Transitional, Bohemian, Rustic, Hollywood Glam, Cottage or Costal.

Live Edge Wood is so versatile. You will find it in Dining Tables, Office Tables, Coffee Tables, Side Tables, Cabinets, Stools, Chairs and Benches.

Live Edge Furniture embraces nature, simplicity and craftsmanship. Since each piece is so unique and made from solid wood slabs, each has their own personality and will last for a very long time. No two pieces will be identical. You will have a piece that is 100% unique. Because the solid wood is so durable, it will last for a long time, and will be the best long-term investment in furniture for your Home, Cottage, Office or Store.

At Nos Natura, you will find beautiful, meticulously handcrafted solid wood furniture made from exotic wood such as Teak and Acacia. It is very easy to clean and maintain. Clean with a soft and lightly damp cloth.

All of our furniture has gone through a special drying process to reduce splitting and warping. Because each piece of Live Edge is still “living” although removed from the trunk, some natural movement of expansion or contraction is expected from humidity changes, moisture or sunlight. These movements or seasonal cracks are normal occurrences and will not affect the structural integrity of the furniture. It is what makes each piece a living, breathing piece which gives it the natural beauty.